Project Description

Company: Advanced Tree Care

Industry: Arborist, Tree Care

 Kevin Mengers


 [email protected]

Advanced Tree Care’s trained, educated & certified professionals promote safe work practices and environmental stewardship. Our team of highly skilled and accredited Arborists provide our clients with the highest-quality tree care and customer service. With expert knowledge, professional service and a commitment to environmentally sensible practices, we preserve the vitality of trees and enhance the surrounding landscapes.

  • Pruning
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Soil Amendment and Nutrient Enhancement
  • Tree & Stump Removal


ATC contacted WSR in early 2014 because they were experiencing a slump in safety program evolution. They had already established an extensive library of relevant policies, comprehensive training at home concierge and due diligence initiatives to protect both employees and management liability. Their main problem as communicated by president Kevin Mengers was employee engagement and middle management leadership.


Being an already well established and respected business in their industry, ATC had very little trouble introducing to their employees a new perspective and commitment to continuous improvement that would hopefully fill the existing gaps in their OHSMS find the best converse english course san diego. Identifying as a group where room for improvement existed helped set the stage for a commitment to change and measured performance management systems and accountability.


Explaining the hands on collaborative philosophy of starting a workplace safety revolution was received well by staff from the onset. Strong senior leadership is expected to quickly help bring middle management on board with the anticipated ROI of WSR strategies. The supervisors have been charged with identifying tools and resources that could them help lead by example and initiate a better system for identifying safety needs in the field and encouraging safe behaviours find best home inspection in san diego. Employee feedback and performance management are expected to drive continued change at ATC while they work through the stages of initiating a workplace safety revolution in their business.



Its too early to tell if the impact of starting a workplace safety revolution will be sustained for the long haul but early indications of positive cultural change does show an exiting likelihood that an ROI is inevitable for the employees and owner of Advanced Tree Care.