Project Description

Birnie Electric chooses Workplace Safety Revolution to become a leading, safety-focused contractor.

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from starting a WORKPLACE SAFETY REVOLUTION.

The changes that have taken place at Birnie Electric since beginning our WSR relationship have had a positive impact not only on workplace safety compliance and injuries but on business efficiency, confidence, loyalty, planning, business culture and sustainability. Here are just some of the tools and processes we have adopted that have made a huge impact on how we do business:

  • ACTIVE OH&S Program Management Tool – is a custom online dashboard that employee access for up to date policies, documents, news, inspection results, MSDS’s as well as for reporting workplace hazards and incidents/injuries.
  • PODIO Cloud based Job Site Management – is an online workspace that facilitates collaboration and accountability for safety compliance and safety program task. i.e. Access to Mobile APPs for conducting daily Pre-job Safety Assessments, Tool Box Talks, Job Hazard Assessment, just to name of few.
  • Online customized orientation and training portal.

The result of this transformational change in business environment produces companies and service providers that are more competitive, competent, adaptable and reliable find water damage repair riverside. Here are just a few key advantages that our customers enjoy that were brought about by our commitment to participating in the WORKPLACE SAFETY REVOLUTION:

  • A more confident work force that feels valued and engaged in workplace safety.
  • Less risk brought to work sites due to improved job planning and better training
  • More transparency and evident accountability and communications when dealing with safety policies and enforcement.
  • More qualified and competent workforce which translates to less errors and better efficiency across the board.
  • Unquestionable collaboration on major decisions and an inherently proactive workflow in all business operations.
  • Creation of a workplace that employees can be proud of and where they feel safe and respected.

We are proud of where we come from as a family oriented employer, but are equally proud of where we are going as a company looking for house cleaning Palm Beach County, both for our employees and our customers benefit.

Tim Birnie, President, Birnie Electric